Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Today, He Is 10

I cannot believe that today is Mr. J's 10th birthday. It hardly feels like any time has passed since he was born.  Those first couple of weeks weren't filled with joy like most families experience upon the birth of a child, they were instead filled with stress and anxiety.  We made it through, and have had so much laughter since those early days.

Mr. J is a funny kid. He has a great sense of humour, and sometimes comes out with the funniest things.

On his 5th birthday, he woke up and came to find me and told me he was a whole hand. Now my dear boy, you are TWO whole hands.

He loves that his birthday falls on July 4th - and hopes to one day spend his birthday celebrating in the U.S.  Today we will be going to my aunts house for a bbq; her son and his family are up visiting from the States and are having a big party to celebrate.


  1. Happy Belated 10th birthday, hope you had an amazing day filled with lots of fun and goodies!!


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