Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sleep Away Camp Was A Success!

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waiting to load the bus
A few months ago, my sister in law and I got up insanely early one Saturday morning and registered our kids for sleep away camp. Mr. J and my nephew were registered together, and my niece and a friend registered together.

This particular camp has boys in July, and girls in August.  This last week, Mr. J and my nephew got on a bus Monday morning and headed off for their first ever sleep away camp.  They were so excited and full of smiles all morning while we waited to load the bus.  For a few weeks prior, Mr. J kept telling me how excited he was.  

I was super excited for him, but I was also a little nervous. I never attended an away camp - my parents always wanted me to, but I was too much of a home body and didn't want to be away from my parents.  I didn't really even sleep at friends houses when I was young - I would normally call home around the time we were going to bed because I felt sick. Lucky for me, my dad always came and picked me up.

Mr. J has spent the night at a friends house once (for a birthday party), and also with my nephew once. I was really hoping he would be ok.  I figured that as long as they were both having fun, there was nothing to worry about. If one of them called home, then it was likely they would both need to be picked up.

When Tuesday evening came and I hadn't heard anything, I knew that things were fine.  I was so excited to see him on Friday afternoon.  When they got off the bus, the first words out of his mouth were that he couldn't wait for next summer so he could go back!

Nightly camp fire, swimming in a lake, canoeing, a huge mud pit, soccer, ultimate frisbee, fire building and more! Wake up at 8am and bed at 930pm with the majority of the day spent outside being active.

He came home a little dirty, a little smelly, and full of memories that can't be found at home.

Now I have Mr. K who is super sad; you need to be 8 to go to this camp, and his birthday is at the end of August so he won't be able to go next summer.

Do your kids go to sleep away camp?


  1. I'm glad he had a fun time! We don't have anything like that here so I've never been, but like you I'm a homebody and I didn't go to many sleepovers as a kid as I'd prefer to be at home :)

  2. So glad to hear he had a fun time! It can be a bit of scary thing sometimes, but sounds like he had the best time!

    Laura || x

  3. Sounds really fun! We don't really have anything like this in Australia but I was always jealous of kids in movie and TV that got to go to camp!

  4. I am so glad he had a wonderful time! I went to girl scout camp every summer sometimes for 2 weeks, it was great to get away and feel grown up :)

  5. How awesome, so pleased the kids had a lovely time! My boys are 2 & 5 so a few years yet before they go away to camp. This sounds like an adventure they'll never forget.

  6. Sounds like a great time! My kids go away for a week each summer and love it!


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