Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Funrise Has You Covered For Summer Fun

Summer time for children is all about fun. How long can they stay outside, how dirty can they get and how much fun can they have?  This year, Funrise has you covered from tiny to giant.  Bubble play is probably one of the most universal ways for children to have fun. A wand and some solution and the little ones are entertained.

I always loved watching young ones try and blow bubbles - sticking the wand directly on their lips and wondering why the magic bubbles aren't appearing.  Until they learn the skill and realize that the wand can't actually touch them, how about some battery operated bubble fun?

Giant Gazillion Bubbles Giant Power Wand produces some pretty large bubbles for the kids to chase around and try to pop.  The wand takes 2 AA batteries to operate, and comes with a tray to hold the bubble solution.  Dip the wand in the liquid, lift up and press a button. That's all that is needed.
Bubbles from the Giant Bubble Wand

Another option is the Giant Bubble Mill. This one takes 3 AA batteries. You pour the solution in the bottom, press a button and the mill starts to turn, releasing bubbles as it rotates through the solution. Of course, you can also purchase the Giant Gazillion Bubbles solution and use a wand as well.
The Giant Bubble Mill at work producing it's Giant bubbles

Once they are finished with bubble play, they can move onto Tonka Tinys! The Car Crush Escape Playset and the Blast & Dash Quarry playset are sure to be a hit with your truck loving littles. These toys are quite small, so are meant for ages 3 and up.  You can also mix and match other Tonka Tiny toys with the sets.

Giant Gazillion Bubbles products and Tonka Tinys can be found at both Walmart and Toys R' Us.

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