Friday, June 23, 2017

17 Dr. Seuss Themed Recipes

Oh, the places you'll go! What would childhood be without Dr. Seuss.  The rhymes are a great way to help kids with reading basics, and the stories are pretty much nonsense which engages kids and makes them laugh and laugh.  We have a few of his stories, and the kids have always loved them.

Dr. Seuss is also a popular birthday party theme for little ones, and this round up features 17 recipes themed around some of his popular tales. Alternately, they would be fun to make and serve as a snack while you sit cuddled up with the kids to read - which is one of my favourite activities.

Which Dr. Seuss story is your favourite? I love Oh, the places you'll go.

17 Dr. Seuss Recipes and Crafts

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