Thursday, May 18, 2017

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I have very fond memories from watching my dad play ball as I grew up. Many of the men on his team became very close friends of our family, and I always smile when I think about them.  Ball was such a part of his life, that my mom actually considered playing "take me out to the ball game" at his funeral.....but the priest wasn't so keen.

I played baseball 1 season, but it wasn't for me. Neither was ballet, soccer, baton, or basketball. I did all of those activities for 1 or 2 years, but eventually gave them up. As an adult, I realize that I just wasn't a fan of organized activities. I really enjoyed playing basketball in my driveway with my brother or with friends, but not really on a team.

When my kids were super small, I really hoped they would fall in love with a sport. Mr. J started playing soccer at 5 and has always enjoyed it - he will be playing again this season.  Mr. K tried soccer last year, and didn't love it. He enjoys kicking the ball around with his brother and dad, but didn't love being on a team.

He tried basketball in the fall, and while he enjoyed it, it didn't seem to be his thing.

This spring, he decided he would like to try playing baseball.  We bought him a glove and a ball so he could practice, and he loves to throw it around.

Last night was his first practice/game (they practice for 30-40 minutes and then play a game with another team afterwards) and he LOVED it. That may change as we get further into the season, but when his turn to bat came (he has never swung a bat before - not including hitting a pinata) and he connected on the first pitch, he was thrilled. The smile on his face was incredible.

His next turn at bat didn't have the same result, but he still made it to the base, and his third turn was pretty good as well.

When the game was over he was disappointed that it was done, and sad that he has to wait until next Wednesday to play again.  The nicest thing for us is that the teams are small (only 6 players - and the coach pitches) and 5 out of the 6 go to his school.

I am hoping that he has found his sport - and that he continues to love it!

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