Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Crazy Things We Do For Our Kids

This year Mr. J wants to attend sleep away summer camp with his cousin.  The particular camp that they are going to is EXTREMELY popular, and only has one registration day - and it's in person.  People from all over the city (and outskirts) want to send their kids to this camp.

Due to the popularity of the camp, parents start lining up outside the church before 5am.  That's right - registration starts at 8am, and there are people there 3-4 hours early.

I arrived at 510, and there were at least 40 people ahead of me. By 6 am, I couldn't see where the line ended.

They changed the process this year, and at 630 started handing out cards with a time to come back. This worked well, we went for breakfast and then headed back for our time of 800am.  When we got back to the church, there was a line up of people waiting to get in for their time slot.  A few parents showed up that hadn't been waiting in line at 630, and there were no spots left for them.

All the craziness aside, I am so happy that he is going to summer camp.  I was a child that didn't even want to sleep at someones house for one night, so I never braved summer camp.  I am glad he is excited to go!

What kind of ridiculous things have you done for your kids?


  1. Ashley, you are an awesome mama! That is quite the early time to line up, lol, but I am sure your son will have a blast and the memories he makes will last forever.

    The most recent thing I did for my daughter that qualifies as a bit crazy was to spend the night in the lobby of a doctor's office. She had to have a sleep clinic study which meant sleeping over. It is just an office building, nothing special, no real security and there were other people there for the clinic. Each patient has their own room, but there is no lock on the door. I thought I could sleep in the room with my daughter, but they do not allow that so I had to stay out in the lobby. The chairs were typically lobby chairs, with metal arms and hard seats. I had brought a pillow, which I ended up sitting on and read a book - ALL NIGHT LONG. There was no way I could fall asleep and there was no way I was leaving my child in that place,all by herself. Needless to say, it was a very long night...


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