Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Missing Keys

Tuesday morning, I was rushing to get the kids out the door and off to school. I was volunteering for the Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast, and needed to be there before school started. The kids had their backpacks, coats and were ready to go. I grabbed my purse, coat and went to get my keys from my coat - but they weren't there. They weren't in my purse, I checked my pants pocket from the day before and came up empty. I rushed around for a few minutes, but then knew we were going to be late so grabbed my spare.

When I got home from the school a few hours later, I looked everywhere I could think of and came up empty. I thought back to the day before, and the last time I remembered having them was when I got the mail. I headed out the mailbox (it's a community mailbox), thinking maybe I had left them in the lock - nothing. I checked our assigned box to see if someone had stuck them inside and shut it, but it was locked.

I was really in panic mode now - thinking we would need to change the locks to the front door and worrying about the car FOB as well.

The kids came home from school, and I asked them if either of them had seen my keys - and Mr. J got a sheepish grin on his face.....went to a fake tree we have in the dining room and appeared with my keys.....huge sigh of relief from me, but then a lot of questions to find out WHY he had put them in the pot.......I was NOT impressed and we had a conversation about taking things that don't belong to you and how it made me feel. The process of changing locks etc.

Have your kids ever hidden anything of yours?

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  1. Glad to hear you found your keys, my youngest daughter was bad for doing things like that, now that she is a young adult she no longer feels she needs to take what is not hers, but when she was young omg we had problems and not just at home, she was also doing it at school to her classmates, I was forever sending stuff back to the teacher, it was like she couldn't help herself, I'm lucky she outgrew it or it could have been a lot worse..must be a kid thing and hopefully he understands after your talk


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