Friday, March 31, 2017

The Forgotten Brother

My kids get the bus to school, but when the weather is nice they prefer to walk.  Since they are bussers, days they walk I need to send a note to their teacher letting them know that the kids will not be taking the bus home.  When this happens, Mr. J picks Mr. K up at the primary door and they come home together.

Tuesday afternoon (10 minutes after the bell rang) I received a call from the office - Mr. J forgot to pick up Mr. K.  He hadn't arrived home from school yet, so I told the secretary I would come and get Mr. K once Mr. J got home.  I went outside to wait, and we headed off. As we were driving to the school, I saw a little boy that reminded me of Mr. K. Then I looked closer, and the woman he was with was Mr. J's teacher and it actually WAS Mr. K.

Apparently he was really worried that I would be worried (even though they had spoken to me) and the teacher said she would walk him home.  When I got home, there was a missed call from the school. I imagine the secretary was calling me back to tell me this, but I had already left.

Mr. J was pretty upset that he wasn't able to walk home for the rest of the week. If it was honestly a mistake, then I would have let him continue with his routine. However, I have my suspicions that he purposely forgot because he wanted to walk home by himself....of course, he would never admit that to me.


  1. I'm sure he would never do anything like that! ;)

  2. He'll definitely think twice about it ever happening again. My granddaughter had to be reminded the other day when she and her younger brother left for school that she had to wait for him and stay with him. I think often it's just thoughtlessness, they don't see any danger at all.

  3. I don't think he will do that again,we Mom's are always so worried because we know danger and just want our kids to be safe !

  4. Oh dear, at least everything got settled

  5. That's quite scary, thanks for sharing this experience nonetheless.


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