Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Yesterday was just another day around our house. Neither hubby or I were feeling 100%, but we managed to get all the Christmas stuff taken down. It's not quite put away yet - all the boxes are on the floor of the basement at the moment.

Mr. J and I played monopoly; Mr. K and I played many games of Candyland. We opened up our Happiness Box from 2016 and read through all the fun times we had and things we did as a family. We will definitely be doing it again for 2017.

Last night is the first in many years I have actually made it to midnight. Mr. J REALLY wanted to stay up. Hubby wasn't feeling the greatest still, so he went to bed early and took Mr. K with him (who was out by 8pm).

before Mr. K went to bed
Mr. J and I cuddled on the couch and watched a couple of his favourite shows.

I could see he was starting to get a little tired by 9pm, so I asked if he wanted to go upstairs and watch in my room....but that was a no. He was afraid he would fall asleep. By 945, I knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

This past week I re-read the Twilight series of books, and have been watching the movies as well. I only had Breaking Dawn Part 2 to go. I told him I was going to put my movie on, but that he could stay with me (knowing he only had minutes left before falling asleep).  He made me promise to take a selfie with him at midnight if I was awake (even if he was asleep).  He was out by the time the first scene came on (just after 10pm).

When the movie ended, I took him up to bed and got myself ready. I went into his room at 11:58 and waited until midnight to take the selfie. He half woke when I did, and was so happy to see midnight.
horrible selfie, but it was midnight and I promised
New Year's Eve sure has changed since I was a teenager. Growing up it wasn't anything super special, and the first New Year's memory I have is when I was 12 and babysat for my God-father.

Is it a big thing for you, or just another night? However you rung in the New Year, I hope 2017 brings great things for you and your family.

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