Thursday, January 12, 2017

Back To Routine....Or Not

With school starting back on Monday morning, this week was supposed to be back to routine for us. It didn't turn out that way though.  Mr. J had an orthodontic appointment, and then a doctors appointment the next day.  The doctor wanted  a test run, so we ended up spending pretty much our whole day at CHEO between the appointment, test, and back to see the doctor afterwards.

He DID go to school yesterday, but ended up with a fever last night that has carried over to today, so he is home with me again. Poor kid just seems to have some pretty bad luck right now.

Mr. K has been at school all week, but he is upset that his brother gets more time with me so mornings haven't gone so well around here with him. Hopefully Mr. J will be healthy and back to school tomorrow, and maybe next week will feel more like normal.

How has your week been? Everyone settling back into the routine?

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  1. That's life with kids! Always on the go, always things to manage and deal with :).


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