Saturday, December 10, 2016

Continuing A December Tradition

Many, many years ago, when hubby and I were only dating, we heard about a street that was completely lit up and decorated for Christmas.  We made the trek out one night and loved driving down Taffy Lane looking at all the festive displays.

That night started a tradition, and every year since we head down at some point in December to see the lights and what not.

Eeyore is my favourite Disney character

The kids love it, and we end up driving through the downtown area to see all the lit up trees and the light show on Parliament Hill.

This time, we ended our drive at The Brookstreet Hotel for a late dinner at Options Lounge. We had dinner there a few times in the summer, and we all really like the food and atmosphere. The bartender that normally worked while we were there was on, as well as a waitress we often saw.  We had a great end to our evening.

What are some of your traditions leading up to Christmas?

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