Saturday, November 12, 2016

Give The Gift Of Experience This Christmas #2016GiftGuide

I am sure I am not the only mother out there that feels their home is drowning in STUFF. That stuff seems to multiply every day until I am overwhelmed.  The kids even get overwhelmed with all the gifts they receive, and tend not to play with or use the items they are gifted often.  This is not to say that we don't give our children toys (we do), but when gifting to others (friends/family), I try and stay away from toys and clutter.

If you have children or families to buy for this year, why not consider gifting an experience instead of toys or other items that take up space?

You might be wondering what type of experiences you can gift, and I have put together a list for you below. These are especially helpful if you (or the person/family you are buying for) are local to Ottawa. If not, it still might give you some ideas.

1. Season pass to Saunders Farm.  This is great for families with little ones that are looking for summer outings, but also great for families with older children that love Halloween.  There is lots to do. My kids absolutely love going in the summer, and this is our first year taking them at Halloween. So much fun.
2. Museum Membership.  Check out a local museum to see what kind of memberships they have. Some memberships may even have reciprocal privileges with museums in other cities.
3. Local Play Center. You could gift a membership to a local play center if you have young children to buy for. It gives the family something to do, and can come in handy during the cold winter months or rainy days, when kids go a little wild being cooped up at home.
4. Tickets  to a sporting event, concert or show.
5. Passes for an escape room or paint night
6. Lessons (skating, swimming, skiing, martial arts, singing, cooking and so many other options). The City of Ottawa recreation department has many different types of classes you can register in, and they are pretty affordable.
7. A weekend away or a staycation.  We love taking the kids to The Brookstreet hotel. It's a great place to spend time as a family, away from the usual distractions at home.
8. Movie passes - you can get them at Costco for certain theaters and it makes it quite affordable.

What type of experience gifts would your family like?

How would you like to WIN a Family Pass to Saunders Farm


  1. Great ideas! We get sick of all the stuff.

  2. I love this idea. The kids have way too much. It's nice to pick something that gives the family some fun out all together!

  3. Museum memberships are always great!

  4. InjaNation!! Ninja warrior courses (all ages), trampoline park (even a private one for kids), climbing, and quiet parent lounges :)

  5. We would love a Museum membership to the Museum of Nature or any museum.


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