Thursday, November 24, 2016

15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

One of my favourite parts of Christmas has always been opening my stocking. Even as a kid, I loved getting gifts and watching my family open theirs, but my stocking was what I looked forward to most.

Once I started shopping for stocking stuffers, I realized it's not always easy to come up with ideas to fill those things.

I have put together a list of ideas that should help you out if you get stuck.

For Everyone:
  • gum 
  • favourite chocolate bar (hubby gets a chocolate orange, the boys normally each get a kit kat)
  • socks (socks always go missing at our house, it's a great time for me to bring in some new ones)
  • lip Chap (we all end up with dry lips in the winter, the Eco Chic lip chap is great)
  • Christmas ornament (I try and buy a new ornament for each of the boys every year)
For Kids:
  • mini train (most little ones are train obsessed)
  • whistle (always fun for the young ones to make noise)
  • Tonka Tiny's (micro-sized versions of tonka trunks, 22 to choose from and come with their own garage for storing and stacking)
  • crayons/markers (these get used so much throughout the year, it's a great time to replace)
  • minecraft collectibles
For Adults:
  • lottery ticket (who doesn't want a chance to win?)
  • perfume/cologne samples (sometimes it's nice to see what else is out there)
  • mini bottles of liquer (great for adding to a coffee on Christmas morning or night)
  • deodorant or other toiletries
  • deck of cards

What is your favourite item to receive in your stocking?


  1. I love getting socks!!

  2. I love getting socks, lip balm, body wash, a book and my favourite candies. (Judy Cowan)

  3. I love these ideas! Christmas eve is just a month away woohoo. I love stocking stuffers. Kids are fun I do stickers, kinder eggs, playdoh, coloring book and crayons. For myself because my mother in law always gives me a stocking, i love what she puts in there. A calendar, body wash, loofa, shampoo, conditioner, chocolate, toothbrush, tooth paste & floss (because she is a dentist) and a scratch ticket :) so many great ideas you can do

  4. Socks are a favorite here, always have been! And Toblerone :)

  5. Great ideas for stocking stuffers, we always used to put an orange in the toe to help with filling the stockings :-)

  6. Our boys love little mini Lego sets and Stay Up Late passes!


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