Friday, October 7, 2016

Update On September Writing Challenge

Last month I took part in a writing challenge. The goal was to write and publish a post daily for the entire month. That's right, 30 posts.  Well, I came close - but I didn't succeed with the 30 posts.  I missed one day as there was a death in the family.

I learned something during the challenge - I don't like publishing daily.  I find I stress out about having to have something published each day, and I would rather take my time and if I have the chance, to schedule content over a few weeks.

By doing this, it ensures that there will be new content on the blog in the weeks to come, and if anything comes up then I am covered by scheduled posts.  I can always move things around or post more if I feel like it.

It was, however, a great way to get back into blogging after taking most of the summer off.  The kids and I had a great time together, and I will look back on that time with fond memories. Much better than having spent most of it working.

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