Thursday, October 20, 2016

Help Ease Dinner Time Woes With Bootler #GoBootler

As a busy parent, there are times where I don’t feel like cooking.  Sometimes I muddle through and find something quick that doesn’t take much effort, but other times I turn to those take out menus I have stored on top of the fridge.

I know I can’t be the only one. Sometimes the options are overwhelming, and other times I am crunched for time and need something that can arrive quickly - and this is where Bootler comes in.

Bootler isn’t the delivery company, but a service that helps you compare different delivery options. It will help you figure out the delivery fees and what the wait time is going to be, and help make sure you make the best choice for your family, every time.

It's pretty much a search engine for food. Type in your address and find out what options are near you.  This would especially come in handy if you are travelling, or if you wanted to order a meal for a friend or family member in another city.  It gives you options you might not know about.  

Are you over 21? You can get alcohol delivered by Saucey. Have a craving for some peach cobbler? Search for it in Bootler and Smoque BBQ Delivery will come up. You can decide if the delivery time will work with your craving, or search the menu for other items that are appealing.

At this time, it is only available in Chicago, but will be making it’s way to New York by year end, and more major American cities in the near future.

Bootler isn’t available to us at this time, but it’s definitely a service that would come in handy. Helping me compare delivery fees and arrival time windows? Yes please!

Curious to know more? Check out the video below

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word about us! We're excited to expand to new cities this year. :) We hope you enjoyed using our service! Check out our Facebook page for food ordering inspiration!


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