Monday, October 31, 2016

DIY Halloween Costume - The Riddler

Last year for Halloween Mr. K wanted to be Batman. Great! No problem, we have a Batman costume that Mr. J wore when he was 5, and Mr. K wore it when he was. I found it, made sure it still fit him and we were all set.

Then, he changed his mind.  He wanted to be The Riddler.  Still Batman themed, but a different character. I looked online, costume was sold out. I called a few places, they don't carry it.  Ok, fine. I need to be creative.

I took a look online to make sure I knew what would be needed and set to work finding the items I needed.
  • Green hat
  • Green blazer (this I was not able to find, so I had to make do with a sweater)
  • Walking stick (I found a broken shovel handle)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Purple gloves
I checked my closets and didn't have any of the items.  I asked on the buy nothing site and friends, and all I found was a pair of purple gloves.  My next stop was a local thrift store.  In their Halloween section I managed to find a green hat.  Then I found the sweater in the men's section (way to big, but since we live in Ontario, it can be quite chilly on Halloween night, which means the sweater will fit over his coat) and then I also managed to find a broken shovel handle.

When I was done, I headed to Michael's for fabric paint (I found a marker that worked well) and then home to get everything ready.

I started with the hat.  The ribbon was unglued, so I glued it back on and then used the black marker to make a question mark on the front of the hat.

Next up, I washed the sweater, and when it was dry added question marks all over. I let Mr. K choose where he wanted them.

I unscrewed the handle from shovel and then cut out question marks from cardboard and glued construction paper over top.  Then I glued them onto the top of the "walking stick".  Hubby didn't like this, so he went and bought a different type that looked a little more like The Riddler's cane.

It was a really simple project. I ended up spending approx $25.00 (much cheaper than if I had bought the costume online). It could have been even cheaper if we had the items already.

If you think you/your child might like to be The Riddler next year, you can probably find a green hat at the $ store near St. Patrick's Day!

2015 Halloween

What makes it even better? He decided to be The Riddler again THIS Halloween, so it's really worth the money it took last year.

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  1. What a nice Riddler costume. Without the question marks this could be worn on St Patrick's Day too I'd think. :-)


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