Thursday, September 8, 2016

Will It Stay Clean?

So, you all know that I purchased a new car last week. With that comes the new car smell, and the cleanliness that goes along with it as well.  The problem is, cleaning and organizing are not easy for me. They really just do NOT come naturally.

I am happy surrounded by clutter, and seeing an empty plastic bag or 3 ball caps on the floor of the car doesn't seem weird at all.  Junk mail and receipts cluttering the console - oh well, get them another time. Crumbs from the kids bagels, crushed up goldfish? Oops - I guess the car needs a vacuum at some point.

Now that I have this brand new clean car though, I am really liking the space and emptiness of it.  I am *hoping* that I can keep it somewhat clean.  My goal is to not let the kids eat in the vehicle, and they are only going to be allowed water to drink.  I am not really sure how long that will last, but I hope it will continue.

One mistake with the JEEP was that I never did buy rubber floor mats, so all the snow, dirt and rocks ended up stuck deep into the carpeting.  I will be purchasing some new floor mats VERY soon to help keep things clean.

Is your vehicle clean or more "lived in"?  Please tell me I am not the only one.


  1. I have put the same rules in place for our new living room furniture. Our car is beyond hope at this point. So messy!

  2. I try and clean out the car from "debris" every time we go out......
    A friend of mine had a whole liter of chocolate milk, spilled by her kids, on the front cannot get that stuff out, no matter what. I remember this story ever time I clean the car lol.

  3. They say the road to hell is paved in good intentions lol. Our truck is dirrrrty but my husband empties it out every couple of days or we could live for weeks in it

  4. If I wasn't too lazy to actually go take a pic you would be comforted by my beast of a truck. It is literally disgusting and smells really really bad. :)

  5. Ours started out "clean" but now it is lived in. But we do have rubber mats for the floor does that at least count? (Judy Cowan)

  6. If you are anything like me - the good intentions of keeping the car tip-top shape will last a few months and sloooowly start falling apart. It's inevitable

  7. I used to be really bad and the backseat and floor was a disaster area and loaded with garbage, but ever since I quit smoking I cleaned my truck out and it's been clean ever since, so I did turn around so maybe you can too!!


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