Friday, September 2, 2016

Out With The Old, In With The New

It's time for a NEW car!  I am so excited. We bought the Jeep 6 years ago as a resale (it was 5 years old). At the time, it was in pretty good shape and I loved it.  About 2 years later, it started giving me trouble. It would randomly just not start.  I would have it towed to the garage and as soon as it was off the tow truck, it would start without issue.
we said goodbye to the Jeep this morning
They suspected it was the starter, but we didn't really want to spend money replacing without knowing. After the FOURTH time in a year of being stranded, we went ahead and replaced it.  That was the problem, and it was ok after that....however, since that time, there have been multiple other issues and we have spent way more money on repairs than we should have.

We were hoping that we could get through the winter with it and purchase a new vehicle in the spring; however,  over the last 2 weeks my anxiety about driving it through the winter has been on HIGH. So, after some discussion last week, we went out earlier this week and bought a new 2016 Malibu.

It's all shiny and new and I was so excited all week - having to wait until today to pick it up has been pretty difficult. That's right - I picked up my NEW Malibu this morning!!! We all packed into the Jeep for one final time and headed to the dealership.

Coming home in a brand new vehicle was lovely. Such a huge difference in how it drives. It's a pretty smooth and quiet ride. No weird noises as we turn corners or go over bumps. Now it's time to get used to driving a car again, after having an SUV for the last 6 years.

What type of vehicle do you drive?


  1. This is exciting news! I'm so glad you got a new vehicle, especially if you are worried about becoming stranded in it during the winter. Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Nice looking car, It always feels great when you get a brand new car, when I got my trail blazer I felt rich

  3. Nice!! I drive a Kia Sorento, and love it!

  4. Congrats on the new car! It always feels so nice to drive a new vehicle - you never realize how badly you needed it until you compare!

  5. great looking car, I think it suits you :)

  6. Congrats! I seriously need to buy a car..


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