Sunday, September 11, 2016

Harvesting Tomatoes and Making Homemade Salsa

Now that September is here, my cherry tomatoes are really starting to come in.  They are coming much faster than we can possibly eat them.  Last year I discovered that they work well in home made salsa.

I like quick and easy, so cooking the salsa is not for me. Immediate gratification is what I want. I also don't like really chunky salsa, so using the blender or food processor works well.

Want to try your own? It's pretty easy

What you need:

Blender or medium sized food processor

20-25 cherry tomatoes
1/4 of a small onion, cut in chunks (I have used spanish, red and sweet - just depends what I have on hand)
1 garlic clove, cut in half
1 Jalapeno, cut in 4 (seeded and de-veined for mild, leave them in for spicier)
1 tbsp dried cilantro (fresh would be great, but I used what I have)
1/2 lime (just the juice)

Put everything in the food processor in the order listed, and then pulse a few times. Since I don't like mine chunky, I hold down the button for about 7 seconds and then check the texture and do it again. If you like it super chunky, then you probably only need 3-4 quick pulses.

The salsa I made today I did in two batches. The first I made mild (1 Jar), and the second I made medium (2 jars).

I use it for dipping nacho chips in and have also used it spread onto a tortilla with cream cheese - delicious!



  1. I have already made one batch of salsa from my garden veggies and will be making more to can- it is soooo addictive :)

  2. my dad and I harvested and canned 100 jars of tomatoes last week! Aiming to do some pickling this week :)

    Your salsa looks yummy!

  3. Nice when growing your own veggies and enjoying them in food preparation. Freezing or jarring for later use is great. When kids get involved its rewarding.


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