Sunday, August 14, 2016

Update On Our Orthodontic Experiences

A few weeks ago I posted about Mr. J and his journey into orthodontics.  We had to turn the key for the expander 24 days in a row - and we are now finished (as of yesterday).  We have an appointment this week to see if it did what it was supposed to do (there is definitely a large gap now) or if we need to turn a few more times.  Once the orthodontist sees how well it worked, we will find out when the braces get put on!

I am happy to report that turning the key got much easier (on both of us).  After about the 10th turn, he said it was only slightly uncomfortable and didn't hurt anymore.  I was so happy to hear that - I didn't feel like I was torturing him anymore.

He was a champ though, even at the beginning when it WAS hurting he would lie down for me to do it without much complaining!

I will be back later in the week after we have seen the orthodontist to update on how we are proceeding.

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