Friday, August 19, 2016

Let Groupon Help You Save On Electronic Purchases #Ad #Groupon

There are so many different tech gadgets around now, it's hard for me to keep everything straight. When I was growing up the closest thing to an on the go gadget was the Walkman and the Gameboy. Now, you can get almost any technology right at your fingertips. My kids are still pretty young (9 and 6) and I am in no way ready for them to have their own devices yet, as much as they would like to. They each have a Nintendo DS – but anything that connects to the internet is not happening. They are stuck using mine to play Pokemon Go when we are out, or using the family ipad while we are at home.

That said, I am always looking to see what IS out there and thinking ahead to when they are a little older – I am not sure when I will be comfortable with them having their own phone or ipad, but I like to check things out AND I like to save money on my purchases. Groupon is a great site to help do that. I love that you can search what you are looking for, or browse through what they offer. The best groupon purchase we have made was for a trial at a karate dojo. Mr. J LOVED it and is still there, almost 2 years later.

Mr. J after his 2nd tournament
There are so many different items available on Groupon Goods from activity trackers, phones, accessories and more you should have a look and see if YOU can save some money.

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