Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Fun With PlaSmart #BloggersFete

PlaSmart is a Canadian company that focuses on toys and games for the family.  They have a wide range of products and you are sure to find something for everyone.  Back for another year as a #BloggersFete sponsor, I am happy to introduce you to 3 of their products which we recently received.

Kick Flipper  - similar to a skateboard, but without the wheels.  My 5 year old is obsessed with trying out tricks on the kick flipper.

He doesn't have the coordination for a skateboard just yet, so he likes that he can practice some of the same tricks as his brother.

The recommended age is 5 and up, and I would say that is perfect. Mr. J (9) much preferred his actual skateboard.

Drop Shot  is fun to play. It's different than most family games we have played before, and it reminds me of Plinko from The Price is Right.  The kids really enjoy playing this one with me, and there is always lots of laughs when they drop the ball.

Squashed! is a neat game to play with the kids. It's another one that is very different than any of the games we have played before, and Mr. J really likes it. Mr. K gets frustrated because he doesn't want anyone else to "squash" him. He also finds it a little difficult to squash, and needs some assistance doing so.

Are you interested in winning a kick flipper or Squashed? Be sure to follow along with the hashtag #BloggersFete over the next 10 days for your chance.  PlaSmart is sponsoring both the Twitter party and Facebook party with a prize at each event.


  1. Drop shot sounds really fun!

  2. I have 7 year old boy who would love any of those. His sister probably would too!


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