Sunday, August 7, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Every Spring we like to make a few minor changes to the house.  New bedding, window coverings or something simple.  This year, we decided to add a new welcome mat at the front door and a little Buddha statue,  as well as freshening up the mulch alongside our walkway and some nice potted flowers.

Making minor changes is an affordable way to spruce up your home and add some curb appeal. AKA has a number of options to help you - whatever your style may be!

1. Smart Security Outdoor Wall Light Price CAD $277.50 

3. Metal Chair Price CAD $240.50 

6. French Solid Wood Planter Price Price CAD $64.00 
8. Basil Herb Pots (Set of 2) Price CAD $68.00 


  1. Great items! I'd love a Magnolia wreath on my door!

  2. I love that mat! I'll have to check out that website!


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