Saturday, July 2, 2016

Free and Low Cost Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

While I love having the kids home for summer vacation, there are times where I need to get them out of the house to DO something. They get rangy being together so much without a break. I have put together a list of things to do/ places to visit that are free or low cost.

  1. Pack a bag with your swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and a picnic - then head to one of the local beaches for some fun!
  2.  Go to the library! Check and see if your local library has a summer reading club.  The Ottawa Public Library has one.  Spend some time every week checking out the books available and getting to know the programs that are offered at your local library.
  3.  Parks are always fun, and most often filled with other families, which means your kids can play with other children their age.  Pack a picnic and make a morning or afternoon outing.
  4. Splash pads are a great way to cool off, and most of them have a park nearby as well for those not wanting to be wet.  There are many splash pads throughout Ottawa, your city likely has them (or wading pools) as well.
  5. Chapters Indigo has kids story time running a few Saturdays over the summer. More details can be found here.
  6. Check and see if your city's recreation department runs any free programs for kids.  The city of ottawa has activities at a select group of parks on Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout the summer. They do arts and crafts and play games.  It is led by city staff, but does require parental supervision.
  7. Go for a bike ride or a walk.  Pick a direction and see what's waiting for you.  Make a game of it if you want (decide ahead of time what things you are looking for - deer, different types of birds, squirrels, types of trees, butterfly's, etc)
  8. Spend some time walking the nature trails around the city.  Bring some bird seed and you might even have chickadees eating out of your hand.
  9. Visit any of the local museums (you can even request passes from the library and go for free!)
  10. Have a group of friends over and put on the sprinkler, fill the water guns and have a water fight.  Make sure to have lots of towels handy, and finish off with a Popsicle or freezie!
  11. When it's super hot, head to the movie theater.  Morning movies are often cheaper (before noon) and it's a great way to cool down when it's too hot to be outside.


  1. OH YES!! The library. My kids have always loved the library. That makes me happy too. I like that they enjoy reading and it is a low cost option too.


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