Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

Each summer, the kid and I sit down and write a list of what we would like to do over the 9 weeks that they are home.  Some of the ideas are quick and easy, and others are more time consuming.

The kids are at home with me all summer, except for 1-2 weeks of day camp. This summer they will do 1 week (mornings only) of vacation bible school in July, and 1 week of Pedalheads camp in August.

Since they are home with me, but most of their friends are in care over the summer, it doesn't leave many kids for them to play with.  I try and plan one activity per week, and then leave the rest mostly unstructured.

Our summers involve lots of bike rides, park time, sprinkler play, video games and freezies normally.

This is our list for the upcoming summer - I will be updating periodically as we cross items off the list.

  1. Cookie baking
  2. Sleepover at grandparents
  3. Swimming
  4. Water Fight
  5. Playing soccer
  6. Upper Canada Village
  7. Valley View Farm
  8. Saunders Farm
  9. Agriculture Museum
  10. Strawberry picking
  11. Reading 1 chapter book/week
  12. Movie theater
  13. Visit the Diefenbunker
  14. Lunch at the Cheshire Cat
  15. Ice Cream from Carp Custom Creamery
  16. Visit a splash pad
  17. Driving range
  18. Mini golf
  19. Museum of Nature
  20. Picnic in the park


  1. Great list, today we visited a local farm. Some of these things we can cross off our list and do again and again. Like the water fights, good times!

  2. Great list! Hope you have lots of fun! (Judy Cowan)

  3. we crossed a few more things off our list over the weekend, but we added a couple too!


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