Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12th Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty hectic.  Friday was a PD Day, so the kids were home from school. Mr. J had been invited to a friends place for the afternoon, we went to the LEGO Imagine Nation Tour in the early evening.  

The kids got to meet a Master Builder - 1 of 8 in the world

When we left we dropped Mr. J off for his first sleepover party on our way home.  We took advantage of the time alone with Mr.K, and went to his favourite restaurant for dinner.

Saturday morning Mr. K had soccer pictures, then a birthday party, then home for a bit to do some cleaning and get dinner ready, then he was off to another party in the afternoon.  

Hubby picked Mr. J up from the party and took him to karate. We had a friend over for dinner, I picked up Mr. K from his party.  Sunday Mr. J had a friend over for the afternoon and Mr. K went to his grandparents.

Now I am off to get ready for Mr. K's soccer tonight....with my winter coat.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend (and some better weather too).


  1. Wow, it was all go in your household this weekend. For the kids to get to meet a Lego Master Builder must have been awesome. :-) We've had a lot of rain this weekend, at least the sun is peeking through now though. :-)

    1. It was a really great experience. So glad we had the opportunity to go.

  2. Sounds like our weekend non stop with the kiddies!! The weather here is the pits as well rainy and cold :(


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