Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Official - I Am A Soccer Mom Again

Mr. J played soccer for a few years, but then decided to give it up and focus on karate.  Of course, once the season had started he was wishing he had signed up - but it was too late for that year.  He made sure we knew that he wanted to get back into it this season, so when registration opened I signed him up again, and the first time for Mr. K.

Mr. K plays in the U6 league which is on Sunday evenings, and Mr. J is in the U9 which is twice a week.  One practice and one game each week.  They are both in the recreational league, however after talking with Mr. J, he hopes to switch to competitive next year.

My summer is now filled with 3 nights a week of soccer. Have I ever mentioned that I do NOT like soccer?  It is probably my least favourite sport (which, really isn't saying much since I am not into playing sports) but still. My least favourite.  In first grade, I specifically wore a denim skirt that was tight and made it impossible to run while wearing on days we had to play soccer in gym class. That's how much I disliked it.

I married a man that played competitive soccer throughout his teenage years and have watched many World Cup games since....obviously the boys get their love of soccer from him (I actually think he would have been heartbroken if neither of them showed an interest in playing the game)

This passed Sunday night was Mr. K's first practice/game.  Hubby was sick, which meant I needed to take him (well, the original plan was that we were all going). Since hubby wasn't feeling well and it was freezing cold - really, 5 degrees in May and SUPER windy and cloudy - I told Mr. J to stay home.

Off we went to the field, and his grandpa met us there (super nice for Mr. K to have him there). I had my winter coat, 2 blankets wrapped around me and I should have had my mittens as well.

With any luck, the rest of our soccer nights will be nice weather, no rain or humidity either....wishful thinking, I know :)

Are you a soccer parent?


  1. Hope the boys have a fun soccer season! (Judy Cowan)

  2. Great picture! I hope it's a great season!

  3. One of my grandsons and his sister both play soccer. I will say that it's a warmer sport than hockey, which is what 3 of my kids played, my son-in-law and one of my grandsons and his sister too, so that is positive. Another positive side is that no sports gear stinks as badly as hockey gear does! :-)

  4. I hear ya! it is my least favorite sport too! I am not a soccer parent or any other sport for that matter....yet! i will feel your pain in a few years most likely lol

  5. Congrats on being anointed a soccer mom again! I pray for good weather once you are out on the field and the occasional bad weather to get the night off :).

  6. Nice capture,hope its a great season for all.

  7. I don't think I will ever be a soccer mom!! I like my summer days to much to give them up to sit on the sidelines of a hot field lol

  8. As much of a fan of sports as I girl won't have anything to do with them yet, unless they allow her to wear a pink tutu on the field lol


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