Monday, January 4, 2016

Tales of Mommyhood Giveaway Link Up

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Happy New Year!  Today is the day that my kids head back to school and my hubby back to work after Christmas holidays.  Having everyone home for 2 weeks was a little bit of a shock to me - I am used to spending my days alone and doing as I please.  I definitely enjoyed the time we all had together (although it seemed that hubby and I spent more time apart and 1-1 with the kids, and then switching so that we had time with the other).

This is the first link up for 2016.   If you are a blogger, feel free to list any open giveaways you have on your blog. Make sure to list the prize, end date and country eligibility (CAN/US/WW) any listed without this information will be deleted.

If you are linking up with your giveaways, please click below to send out the tweet. The more exposure the linky gets, the more exposure all the giveaways will get.  Thank you


  1. Posted two sweet giveaways, and off to enter a few! Thanks for always reminding me to enter and link up ;)


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