Friday, January 22, 2016

Mr. J and Clue

Mr. J loves to play board games with me.  We often play Monopoly, Game of Life, and Clue.  Clue is a recent favourite of his.  I was really glad when he reached an age that he could play it - as I have always really enjoyed it.

Often times after homework is done he will ask to play a game.  The last time he did, he got it all set up and we sat down to play.  He won.....I lost.  I had no idea what room it was, but he had 5 out of the 9 rooms so it was pretty easy for him to figure that part out!


  1. I haven't played Clue since I was a kid.. I think I'll get my kids the game and try playing it on our Family Game Night!

  2. Board games are great with my grandson till he starts losing...then its no more fun.Hes still not quite old enough

  3. I've never played Clue but my siblings and I used to play a lot of Monopoly :-)


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