Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 5 Posts For 2015

I did some digging to see what the most popular posts on Tales of Mommyhood were in 2015.  I have the top 5 listed below:

  1. People really like to know where kids can eat free. West Ottawa Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free was my #1 post for the year (and it was published in the spring)
  2. Kids health is popular as well - my post on Mr. K's vision had the second highest views
  3. I wrote a list of ways to help when kids are in hospital. A question that isn't easy to answer when you are in the middle of it.  This had the 3rd highest views for the year.
  4. If you will be flying with young kids, then you won't want to miss my tips for flying with them!
  5. Disney posts always do well also, and my recap of The Pirates League experience at WDW was also very popular
The above posts are my top evergreen posts.  Most of my highest viewed posts were giveaways, which are not relevant now as they have finished.

Do you have a favourite post from Tales of Mommyhood? Feel free to let me know what it is in the comments,  or what you would like to see more of in the year ahead!

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  1. That's strange it says in the link top 10 posts but here it's the top 5. Having had 7 kids I was always keen to learn where kids can eat free.


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