Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Have an XL Christmas With HASBRO and Jenga XL

Our family loves to play games. Board games, card games, video games - we like them all.  Mr. J played Jenga for the first time when he was 6, and it was a game that he really enjoyed.  When I saw that there was a new Jenga game out - Jenga XL, I knew it was a must have for our family.

Like traditional Jenga, you take blocks and build a tower, and then you need to remove pieces and build higher without knocking the structure down.  
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The twist on XL is that the blocks are extra large (XL).  

This gives you a much larger tower to play with, and much bigger topples!  

  • a lot of fun
  • blocks are cardboard and need to be folded together (be careful doing this, if they get bent, they won't build as securely)
  • have a bin or large bag to store blocks in so that you don't have to unfold and refold each time
  • if you are using a carpeted floor, a board underneath will help to keep the tower sturdy
Jenga XL makes our list for top holiday gifts! If you are looking for something to gift to a family, this is a great choice!

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  1. omg no way!! i had no idea there was anything like this. those Jenga pieces are huge!

  2. so cool . i love this game , i gotta look into it for my Grandson , he loves to play games , this would be perfect , thanks for sharing :) Treen Goodwin rafflecopter name :)

  3. Love the idea but don't think it would last long in our house. Wish it wasn't cardboard :(

  4. I need to get this....on sale on amazon for $20!


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