Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19th Monday Madness Giveaway Linky

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It had to happen eventually, we turned on our heat last week.  The house temperature got down to 15 degrees (59 for those of you that go by Fahrenheit).  The last 2 weekends we took time getting the outside stuff put away and the garage cleaned out.  We still need to turn the water off and rake the leaves (although not even half have fallen yet) - but then we will be ready for winter to hit.
I am loving seeing all the different colours on the tree's; I must admit that autumn is probably my favourite season.  The crisp air and the multitude of colours as you walk outside - just beautiful.

One thing I don't like about fall is the viruses that seem to find me.  I am dealing with a sore throat and head cold at the moment, which leaves me a wee bit cranky.  Hoping to kick this bug soon.  Even though I am not feeling the greatest, I will be dragging my butt to the my voting station to cast my vote in the 2015 federal election. If you are in Canada, and eligible to vote - I urge you to do the same.

It's now a new week and time for a new linky! If you are a blogger, feel free to list any open giveaways you have on your blog. Make sure to list the prize, end date and country eligibility (CAN/US/WW) any listed without this information will be deleted.


  1. Our fireplace is the only thing that kept me from putting the furnace on this weekend! And yes, I will be voting today too!!

  2. Thanks for hosting! 15 degrees.... That's COOOOOLD!! I thought I was freezing at 30-ish!!

  3. So psyched to share my AWESOME giveaways with folks.... and hoping to win something myself!

  4. Ya! Thanks for hosting! I'm not experienced at this, so you'll see I made an error and followed the form's instructions too clearly the first time, thinking there must be a second part to it. Oops! Sorry about that!

  5. Always nice to be able to share a giveaway, thank you for hosting!!
    I have saved your page for future listings!
    Hope you have a great week!


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