Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Memories of Childhood

It's funny how something small can transport you back to your childhood so quickly.  While shopping with my mom the other day, I cam across a this bag in the candy section.  It immediately took me back to when I was a little girl.

Back then they didn't come in a package like this, but in a roll.  My grandmother always had a roll in her purse.  I loved them, and knew that I would always find a few when I was with her.  Her purse always smelled like them, and even now, at 35 years old I think of her when I smell them.

Is there a smell that takes you back?


  1. I was so disappointed last year when we couldntm find multi-flavoured "books" of the life saver rolls. They really bring me back to Christmases of my youth!

  2. I love Life Saver books,we have them every Christmas


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