Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Is Over, Final Bucket List Update

The time has come - summer break has ended.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for our kiddos and I am a little sad (and a little relieved) that it has arrived.  This summer has been filled with lots of fun, but also lots of fighting.  I will miss the noise and giggles that filled the house over the summer, but I am NOT going to miss the constant fighting and bickering all day long.

We did not end up crossing everything off of our list, but we did a pretty decent job of it. In addition to what is listed, we had a few playdates with friends, both the boys birthday parties, we didn't do as much swimming as I had hoped, but we did manage to get to family/friends pools 5 times over the summer, as well as their 2 weeks of lessons.  Mr. J learned how to tie his shoes and perfected climbing the tree in our backyard.  Mr. K picked up his alphabet and his counting and adding has improved as well. He is working on climbing the tree, and made some great strides this summer.

We had many trips to Macs for Frosters on hot days, video games, and I can't even count how many board/card games we played (lots of monopoly, volcano island, uno, yahtzee, trouble and the game of life)  I hope the boys have some great memories from this summer, I know I sure do!
  1.  family bike ride
  2.  neighbourhood water fight...not a waterfight, but water play!
  3.  visit different local parks
  4.  go to the cottage
  5.  go for ice cream at carp custom creamery  - 
  6.  Mr. J wants to learn to skateboard
  7.  strawberry picking  we went AGAIN! Week 1 and Week 2!!
  8.  swimming
  9.  visit saunders farm
  10.  visit valley view farm
  11.  mini golf - the kids did NOT want to go mini-putting, I tried 3 or 4 times and we always ended up doing other things instead
  12.  driving range
  13.  Mr. K and Mr. J sleepovers at grandpa and grandma's
  14.  movie theater with Syd
  15.  play with cousins
  16.  ice cream from the ice cream truck - was really hoping to cross this off, but the ice cream truck has NOT been around our neighbourhood since early spring We really hoped to cross this item off, but unfortunately we never did manage to catch the truck
  17.  play outdoor games in the backyard 
  18.  bake together 
  19.  for the kids to read at least a book a week (10 books) I ended up losing track of how many books Mr. K and I read over the summer - I would say probably close to 30. Mr. J read about 8 on his own, and I read 2 with him. Happy that our target was met!
Here is a small collage of our summer fun! We celebrated the end of summer on Saturday with a bbq; and ended off the evening with glow necklaces and sparklers!

I certainly hope that you had a wonderful summer break.  I am now counting down the days until Christmas holidays (102!)


  1. Sounds like a pretty amazing summer :)

  2. you conquered quite a bit off that list......well done!

  3. Wow! You all did a great job! Perhaps your kids will be up for mini-golf next year!

  4. I think that you did pretty well with that list, the best being picking strawberries twice :-)


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