Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back To School Ready In The Kitchen #B2S

Are you ready for back to school yet? Mentally, I am still trying to wrap my head around it and prepare myself emotionally (although I will admit that this summer, for the first time, I had days where I thought B2S couldn't come fast enough). In terms of having everything physically ready, we are prepared.

Shoe shopping has occurred and they each have new indoor and outdoor shoes; backpacks (their old ones are still in great shape) have been filled and ready for the first day - our school doesn't require much, indoor shoes and tennis balls for chair legs. Most teachers ask for a box of kleenex from each student, so I have a box in each of the boys bag. In kindergarten, they are always in need of play doh making supplies, so Mr. K's bag also includes some salt and cream of tar tar.

My pantry is stocked with quick snacks for the boys to add to their lunches for those rushed mornings, and my freezer is stocked with large bags FULL of muffins, granola bars and meatballs.

The last few weeks of summer I try and prep some easy, quick and somewhat healthy items for the boys lunchbags. I spend time making banana muffins, pumpkin muffins, zucchini muffins, oatmeal muffins, home made granola bars and some mini meatballs.

This means that my freezer is stocked and all they need to do is take an item (and there is lots of flavours to choose from to keep them from getting tired of them quickly) and put it into a re-usable container. Then they can pop them in their lunch kit and off they go. It cuts lunch making time down quite a bit in the mornings.  Having the meatballs made ahead of time, I can take a few (3 is a good serving for their lunch) out the night before and then heat them up and add them to a prepped thermos in the morning - and it's a quick, easy, healthy, warm meal for lunchtime.

Since our school requests that kids have litter-less lunches, I try and use reusable snack bags and containers as much as possible.  This does make a little extra work for me, since they need to be washed every night - but it's better than adding countless plastic bags to our garbage every week.

I am honestly one of the least organized people you will ever meet, but by taking the time now to get some of this done, it helps me out tremendously once school starts.

What are some things that you do to help stay organized and ahead of the game for school days?


  1. I have never heard of a school requiring indoor and outdoor shoes. Is that common in your area? And I love that your school asks for litter-less lunches. It is obviously more work, but I can imagine the impact if all schools did that!

    1. Yes, all the schools around here require them. When I was growing up we had shoes, and then we had "gym" shoes which we wore for phys ed (running shoes). By having the indoor/outdoor shoes they find that the classrooms stay cleaner (outdoor shoes and boots are lined up outside the classroom)

  2. That's great that you do so much prep work! It must help immensely!


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