Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 7 Update on Summer Bucket List

Week 7 has ended and I cannot believe we only have 3 weeks left. They are home this week, camp next week, and then home the last week.  Last week was filled with swimming lessons in the morning (they each passed their levels and get to move to the next one for September)  We went on a bike ride, Mr. K had a sleepover at his grandparents and we made a trek to the cottage!

We actually managed to cross quite a few things off of our list in the last 2 weeks, which is awesome. We have a few more items to get to, but the major things I wanted to do have been done, so I am pretty happy.
  1.  family bike ride
  2.  neighbourhood water fight...not a waterfight, but water play!
  3.  visit different local parks
  4.  go to the cottage
  5.  go for ice cream at carp custom creamery  - we went to Laura Secord
  6.  Mr. J wants to learn to skateboard
  7.  strawberry picking  we went AGAIN! Week 1 and Week 2!!
  8.  swimming
  9.  visit saunders farm
  10.  visit valley view farm
  11.  mini golf
  12.  driving range
  13.  Mr. K and Mr. J sleepovers at grandpa and grandma's
  14.  movie theater with Syd
  15.  play with cousins
  16.  ice cream from the ice cream truck
  17.  play outdoor games in the backyard 
  18.  bake together 
  19.  for the kids to read at least a book a week (10 books) (Mr. K and I have read 1/ together, and Mr. J finished 7 - so we are definitely on the right track!)
Do you make a bucket list for your family? If you do - please feel free to link it up here!


  1. Way to go, you almost have everything crossed off, I like that your list is simple and reasonable, some go to the extreme and nothing gets crossed off!! couple more weeks to finish your list, enjoy the rest of the summer!!

  2. I need to take my girl for some ice cream in town.....some things are just easier when you live in bigger cities. Small things like this are sometimes an effort living in a new small town.

  3. I think you're doing very well with your list. Yes, I can't believe that summer is nearly over but with only 11C & 13C in the last couple of days it's certainly felt like it here. :-)

  4. You did so much this summer! It's been fun following your summer!

  5. Looks like you are having a great summer so far! :)

  6. You guys did an amazing job on almost fulfilling your summer bucket list. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.


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