Thursday, August 13, 2015

De-Clutter Your Home AND Make Some Cash With VarageSale

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Do you ever look around your house and think that you have too much stuff? I do...frequently. Then the cleaning bug hits and I go through things and make a pile in my basement of things I need to list to sell.....and it often sits their, for months....collecting dust.

VarageSale can help!  The newest marketplace app is now set up in Ottawa! You can hold a virtual garage sale and earn some money back for those items that are just taking up space.

The lovely thing about VarageSale is that you don't have to sit outside your house for hours on a weekend waiting and hoping for people to come and buy your stuff.  You can list it on VS whenever it suits you and make arrangements with the buyer for pick up or delivery.

VarageSale has been around for a few years, but is very new to Ottawa and I am glad to be trying it out.  I found the VarageSale app on the app store and I set up my account in no time (depending on when you sign up, it can take a bit of time for your account to be approved)

Next, I went downstairs and dragged out Mr. J's old soccer shoes that I haven't had a chance to sell yet (it's been 2 years).

What I really love about this is that it is an app on my phone.  I can take the photo and list the item immediately.  Normally, I have to take a photo, upload it and then login to whatever site I would use to sell, I can do it all in one step!
soccer shoes, varagesale ottawa, marketplace app
you can see in the photo that there is a green banner saying available,
great to be able to tell immediately looking at the photo!
One thing I feel I need to mention,is that using the app I needed to sign up using Facebook, and it automatically linked my profile name to my VS account.  I don't normally use my full name when using public forums such as this, so I think there should be a way to choose the name you want associated with the account.  They use Facebook as the registration since they want to build trust with their members, and FB accounts are supposed to be real accounts, using real names.  I get it, but I do wish that I could change my last name to an initial instead of the full name.

All in all, I am happy so far with my experiences.  I do find that it is extremely user friendly and I am glad to be signed up with it.  I need to go clear out some more items and get them listed!  If you do have questions or difficulties, they have a great help section with lots of info to get you turned in the right direction.  I am excited to make my first sale! What about you, off the top of your head what 3 items can you think of to list (or, what would you look for?)

Now is the time to sign up and start listing your items - there is a promotion running until 1159pm EST August 25, 2015 - VarageSale is offering new users to the Ottawa VS Community the chance to earn $20 cash (paypal). You can read the full terms on the site (look for cash reward promotion terms). Make sure to use the hashtag #OTT in any items you list to qualify.

To learn more and stay up to date, you can connect with VarageSale on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

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  1. I downloaded Varage app but I havent tried selling anything - YET! I havent had much luck on Kijiji so I am thinking to give it a try to sell some items :)

    1. I don't have much luck on the other sites either so I am glad to be trying this out!

  2. I didn't want to sign up for this as I don't like linking up my various accounts! Sounds like a good alternative to kijiji though.

  3. Will check this one out sounds interesting


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