Monday, August 3, 2015

#BloggersFete Twitter Party

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We are getting so close to the #BloggersFete event and we will be kicking it off on August 10th with a twitter party at 8pm EST.  We would love to have you join us for the party - so please use the linky form below to RSVP.

Follow your hosts and the prizing sponsors to be eligible for prizing.  You must also have rsvp'd and participated on the hashtag #BloggersFete during the party. Good luck and can't wait to party with you.

Party is open to anyone, but prizing is available only to Canadian residents 18+ (excluding Quebec) Terms and Conditions


Some of the great prizes and sponsors:
 @TagAlongToys - $25.00 Gift Certificate
@mylovablelabels - TWO back to school packs (2 winners)
 @plasmart - 2-in-1 3d puzzle
 @overstock_help - Fossil Watch
 @peekaboobeans  - $100 Gift Certificate
@SmartMitts - Pair of Smart Mitts & $10 coupon
 @FujifilmUS - grand prize sponsor Fujifilm Instax SHARE Printer

NOTE: the "your name" field should be your twitter handle (@yourname) and the "your URL" should be the link to your twitter profile


  1. sounds like a great party thanks for the heads up :) (Treen Goodwin)

  2. Sounds like fun - this will be my fifth Twitter Party - aiming to get the hang of it! And wish you all happy bloggy birthdays of course - Louise

  3. I'm in and hope to make it to the party. I'm still a newbie at these parties and don't seem to get the hang of it, or my computer is too slow, oh well I can only try right? :-)

    1. :) great to hear! It can be VERY hard to keep up sometimes. There are websites that can help (twubs is one I can think of) that helps you track the hashtag!

  4. Looking forward to the twitter party!

  5. I hope it is an international party. @CatCou_II

    1. Anyone can join in, however prizing is only open to Canadian residents

  6. Sounds like it will be fun!

  7. Sound fun excites to be apart of the chat :)

  8. Can't wait for the party ( @neutkidz)

  9. Can't wait. This will bre my 2nd twitter party.

  10. Looking forward to chatting on Twitter!


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