Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Tales of Mommyhood Gift Guide #ToMGiftGuide

It's time for me to start preparing the 2015 Tales of Mommyhood Gift Guide #ToMGiftGuide.  The gift guide will go live on November 1st and new items will be added until December 15th (all items must be received by me no later than December 10th)

Tales of Mommyhood is accepting products geared towards men, women, children (ages 5-10) and families.  If you have a product geared towards babies and toddlers, I do have a reviewer that can handle those as well.

What does your brand receive?

  • Your product will be seen by Tales of Mommyhood readers and social media followers
  • Your product will receive a full review post
  • Your product review post will be linked to the ToM Gift Guide
  • Gift Guide will be promoted throughout social media channels from November 1st until December 24th
  • Your product post will receive it's own social media promotion immediately following being published
  • Option to include a giveaway with product review post
  • Optional sidebar advertising 

Guidelines For Product Submission

  • I must receive a full sized item to keep; this helps to facilitate the review
  • You must cover any shipping charges
  • Any items sent must have been approved prior, otherwise it will not be included in the ToM Gift Guide and will not be returned
  • There is a listing fee to be included in the ToM Gift Guide in addition to the product received
  • Interested in a feature with no review? That is possible as well - contact me to discuss.
I am excited to get started on the 2015 Tales of Mommyhood Gift Guide.  If you are interested in being featured in the ToM Gift Guide please send an email to with subject line "2015 Holiday Gift Guide"


  1. Can't wait for all your reviews!

  2. Wow, I can't believe how fast this year went, way to fast!!


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