Tuesday, July 21, 2015

20 Tear Jerker Movies

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just need to have a good cry.  Not because of anything happening in my life, but just for some tension that has built up and needs to be released.  I don't spend hours weeping, what I do is put on a good tear jerker movie.

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I have put together a list of Tear Jerkers (the top 6 are my go to's when I need a cry) and the rest are from other bloggers. If you have one not on the list, let me know in the comments!

    1. Steel Magnolias - this one gets me EVERY time
    2. Terms of Endearment
    3. The Notebook
    4. Beaches
    5. My Sisters Keeper
    6. Fried Green Tomatoes
    7. Toy Story 3 - The Canadian Homeschooler
    8. Pretty Woman - 4 The Love Of Mommy
    9. Ghost - Snymed
    10. Titanic - My 3 Little Kittens
    11. Homeward Bound - Country Fit Family
    12. Marley and Me - Yee Wittle Things
    13. Field of Dreams - Family Food and Travel
    14. Saving Mr. Banks - Geek With Style
    15. Pearl Harbour - The Bewitchin Kitchen
    16. The Fault In Our Stars - Downshifting Pro
    17. When A Man Loves A Woman - Vacationing With Kids
    18. Inside Out - BabyStylista
    19. Roman Holiday - Creative Cynchronicity
    20. P.S. I Love You - The Koala Mom
There were lots of duplicates from the bloggers above, I haven't seen Marley and Me, Saving Mr. Banks or The Fault In Our Stars - so I will have to watch those ones!


  1. Oh Marley and Me makes me sob.. granted I am a real softy and most movies make me sob :)

  2. Great list! I haven't seen some of these but want to. :) In university English classes, we talked about that need to cry (or laugh) and feel emotions along with what's happening on stage/screen or in a book. It's supposed to be "cathartic" and help us deal with our everyday life. :) So thanks for sharing your cathartic resources! :)

  3. yes Ghost was a huge tear jerker for me , i cry every time i watch it , great list of great movies ! ( Treen Goodwin )

  4. Omg so many tear jerkers here, I bawl like a baby, another one I cry to that isn't on the list is Charlotte's Web!! I'm a big baby when it comes to movies..lol

  5. Love the list!! Notebook is my fave *sniff*

  6. Great list!!

  7. I cry easily at movies that are sad or because they are so happy so it's not difficult to get me to cry. :-)

  8. These are some great choices! I have definitely cried through most of them.


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