Thursday, June 18, 2015

Celebrate International Picnic Day 2015

Apparently today is International Picnic Day.  I had no idea there was such a thing, but it shouldn't surprise me as there seems to be a "day" for everything.  Since my kids are both in school today, we won't be having a picnic, but I will walk you through what a typical picnic for us would be.

We most often have picnic lunches when we go to a local farm, or to spend the day at a park.  We pack a lunch in a cooler and head out for the morning.  Generally we finish off with lunch and then make our way home.

My kids don't always like the same types of food, so I generally pack them each a lunch, with a few items that can be for all of us.

Mr. K and I both really enjoy tortilla's rolled up with cream cheese, salsa, shredded cheese and green peppers

Once everything is spread on the tortilla you can roll it up and then cut it into slices. Mr. J prefers to have sandwiches (peanut butter or turkey) In addition to this, I add some fruit (orange slices, strawberries, watermelon or grapes seem to be what we have on hand most) and some veggies (often sliced cucumbers or green pepper slices) and maybe a frozen yogurt tube on the side as well (this is nice as it stays cold, and can help keep everything else cold too - by the time you are eating it the tube has thawed out a bit, but stays cool)

When we have a picnic I always make sure to have drinks on hand as well.  Normally we each have a refillable water bottle, and sometimes I will pack a few juice boxes as well.

What's your favourite place to picnic and what do you like to pack to eat?


  1. Don't feel too bad...I didn't know it was INternational Picnic day either! BUT, I like your ideas and we may have to head to the park for a little pic-a-nic fun :) Stopping by from SITS

  2. I did not know about Int'l Picnic day. I like the tortilla roll ups you made, looks delicious!

  3. I wasn't aware that this was a thing! I love picnics!


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