Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Funday With The Harlem Globetrotters!

Today was the big day - The Harlem Globetrotters vs. The Washington Generals. We didn't tell the kids that we were going until this morning.  We didn't tell them they would be ON the court with the chance to meet some of the players, learn some tricks and get autographs until we were leaving the house!

Mr. J saw them with his dad last year and had a jersey, so we told Mr. K that we would get him a jersey today.  Front and center when you walk in the door the merchandise stand is set up.

We bought the jersey and then made our way into the arena area.  Found our seats (which were really good - I bought them in October when groupon had a 50% sale).  We then made our way to the court to make use of our Magic Passes (thanks to Canadian Tire Center staff for providing us with them!)

There were a few different stations set up (Learn a Trick, Meet A Globetrotter, Meet The Coach, Take a Shot, Dribble Zone as well as many backdrops with player pictures and their height - you could see how you measure up)

There were quite a few people, so we only ended up being able to "learn a trick".  Rocket (#8) had us spinning a basketball on our fingers - well, Mr. J and I, Mr. K and hubby didn't want to do it. Then we met up with Globie, the Globetrotters Mascot and took a picture.

By that time, the Magic Pass session was over and it was time to find our seats again.  We had an hour to kill until game time, but the kids and hubby kept busy by taking a walk and buying some snacks.

Game time was at 3pm and they came out for their introductions and a quick warm up.  Our seats were immediately behind the penalty box and Scooter decided to hop in and take a shot...he missed the first 2, but made the third one.  Then he high fived the boys and went back to the court.

They put on a great show throughout the 4 quarters (with a short half time show).

Mr. K and I at half time
They had the crowd laughing with all their antics. Some pretty neat tricks, and it's great to see the audience interaction.

This was my second time seeing the Harlem Globetrotters play - the first was way back in high school - I think it was 1998.  Have you seen them before? 

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  1. I've always wanted to see them play! It looks like you had a lot of fun!


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