Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learning From Our Kids

I love being a mother.  As challenging as it can be sometimes (or, a lot of the time) there is so much fun and joy that my kids bring to me.  They have taught me a lot about myself, and a lot about others as well.

Mr. J has also taught me how to play chess.  Yep, my 7 year old learnt how to play through the Math and Chess Association (it was a course you could sign up for through school).  They came into school every Friday at lunch time and you had the option of signing up for a session.  Mr. J really wanted to learn how to play, and I had no idea and hubby hadn't played in years and wasn't sure he remembered all the rules.

After the 3rd lesson, Mr. J came home and wanted to play chess with me.  I had NO idea what I was doing (my father tried to teach me when I was young, and I just couldn't grasp it) but somehow, Mr. J was able to teach me.

It is not my favourite game to play, but I do like to spend time with him doing what he loves and it's a great way to get in that quality time together.

Have your kids taught you something you didn't think you would ever learn?

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  1. My niece teaches to me to cherish the little things in life.


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