Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 6 Update - #40bags40days

This week I have had zero progress.  This is the last week for the challenge, and I have been dealing with a sick kid.  Poor Mr. K has been having gastro symptoms as well as a fever, which has him wanting mommy all day.

It's amazing how little I get done when the kids are home sick. He is content to rest and watch his shows (well, half watch, he dozes in and out) but the minute I leave the room I hear "Moommmyyyy, I need you".  

It has given me plenty of time to catch up on some blog work and answering emails from while we were away at Disney.

I am sad to say though, that I have gotten zero bags.  Over the last 6 weeks, I am pretty happy with my progress, even though I had some down times.  I managed to get a good chunk of junk out of the basement, although I am not finished with that task.  Once Mr. K is better, I will be spending a few hours finishing up with the rest of the items.

I am very glad that I took part in the 40 bags in 40 days challenge.  I knew my house was in need of decluttering, but I was surprised at just how much I found (and the rest that is still not finished yet).  I hope that if you took part in the challenge, that you had a great experience as well.

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