Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our #Disney World Family Vacation

We arrived home from Orlando on Saturday afternoon.  I wish that I could say it was a completely wonderful, magical vacation - but to be perfectly honest, while we had fun, it wasn't the best trip. The kids, 4 and 7, don't get along at home, and it was even more apparent while we were away.  To be in a hotel without their things, stuck together for the majority of the day made for 2 little boys that fought more than normal.

Of course, being in Disney was super exciting for them, which made their listening ears almost non existent.  While they didn't run away from us, they were definitely both pushing the limits and trying to stray much further than we were comfortable with, causing irritation for all the adults.

It wasn't all bad - we did enjoy the attractions and rides, and it was fun to see them interact with the characters (at this age, Mr. K - and I think Mr. J - still both think the characters are real, and don't realize they are humans wearing costumes).  It was nice to escape the snow and cold and be away from home.  I will be posting more about our visits to the parks and pictures over the next week or so.


  1. Oh Ashely, I am sorry it was not as magical as you had hoped. Nothing worse then your vacation expectations being taken down a notch. It is very disappointing, but I am glad that you had some great moments as well. I am looking forward to reading about your trip!

    1. Thanks Suzanne. A little hard to swallow when you have a vision in your head of how it will go; we made the best of it, and ended up trying to keep the boys separated as much as possible for the last half of the trip! I still love Disney though, and can't wait to go back...but it might be without the kids next time!

  2. Sorry your holiday wasn't what you expected it to be but its difficult with kids. They get bored easily and yes do try to push the limits at times. At least some of your time there was enjoyable.

  3. Its a shame it didnt go as well as you thought it would but when kids are involved anything can happen.


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