Friday, February 6, 2015

#40Bags40Days - Update Week 5

My update for bags 27-33 - I spent more time in the basement and managed to get out an old child's table (not a bag, but a LARGE item!) as well as the old train table that the kids had - they were REALLY hard on this train table (another LARGE item).  I am counting those as 2 bags!  (both of which were offered up on the Buy Nothing site to be reused by others)


While doing the mountains of laundry, I managed to get a bag of socks that were in rough shape, so another small bag for the trash.

I tackled Mr. K's room and I managed to get a bag of clothes, a diaper box of clothes, a bag of toys and a bag of garbage.  The toys and clothes were offered up on our local buy nothing site, and the garbage went out with the collection.  

3 of the 4 to go from Mr. K's room


  1. A large item counts as 10 bags in my world ;) GREAT job!

    My large item that we need to purge is my son's train table - just have to figure out HOW to get it out and where to take it!

  2. I am surprised that no one wanted the tables. They look like great DIY projects! Looking forward to seeing what you do for the last week next week!


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