Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Warm Your Corn" with Popcorn, Indiana!

Popcorn is, and always has been, one of my favourite snacks.  All the buttery, salty goodness - so delicious!  Nothing like cuddling on the couch to watch a movie and snacking on some yummy popcorn.  I generally make my own, but when I was given the chance to try the Popcorn, Indiana Original Movie Theater Popcorn I decided to test it out.

Unlike traditional microwave popcorn, Popcorn, Indiana uses non-gmo corn, without additives or preservatives.  It is free from colourings and artificial flavours.

The Original Movie Theater Popcorn now comes in a new bag that is microwavable safe - which means that now you can have your popcorn served warm, straight from the bag!  All you do is cut a slit in the bag, place in the microwave for approximately 50 seconds and it's ready to snack on!

We were given a few different flavours to try, Original Movie Theater Popcorn, FIT Popcorn in Sea Salt Flavour, and the Drizzled Black & White Kettlecorn.

The FIT is a great option for those that are watching what they eat, with less than 40 calories per serving, and it still tastes great!

Smart Never Tasted So Good
  • 40 Calories or Less Per Cup
  • All Natural
  • Gluten FREE
  • Whole Grain
  • Zero Trans Fat
  • Sea Salt and Olive Oil flavors are
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
The Original Movie Theater Popcorn is the kids and my favourite, warmed up it was just like being at the movies!  I also really enjoyed the Drizzled Black & White - a handful was just enough to satisfy any sweet craving I was having!

Where To Buy:

 or you can order it on Amazon .ca or Amazon .com
(for a tasty treat delivered right to your door)

What is your favourite way to eat popcorn? Do you have a favourite flavour?

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