Friday, January 2, 2015

Tales of Mommyhood Christmas 2014

This past Christmas wasn't really a GREAT Christmas.  Mr. J was sick with the flu.  It started Christmas Eve, and he spent pretty much all day on the couch with a fever, watching movies or watching his dad play video games.  Mr. K and I went to my moms for our annual Christmas Eve celebration (my aunts, uncles and cousins all gather at my moms place for dinner, drinks and family time).  We normally go over an hour early and exchange our gifts with my mom, and then the family comes.  Having young kids, we are headed home between 8 and 830 normally so that we can get everything set out for Santa and the kids to bed.

Mr. K helped me leave out Cookies and Milk for Santa this year
When Mr. K and I arrived home, Mr. J was asleep.  He needed his rest, so we left him alone and Mr. K and I set up the milk and cookies, and t'was the night before christmas book for Santa.  Hubby and Mr. K put a movie on and lay down to watch it.  Once Mr. K was asleep, Santa got to work bringing out the rest of the gifts.

I was awoken in the middle of the night to a loud bang, I almost thought it may have been the reindeer on the roof - but remembered Santa had already been to our house. Nope, not a sleigh and reindeer but a thunderstorm. Shocked hubby and I - living in Ottawa, a thunderstorm is one of the LAST things I would expect to wake up to on December 25th.  I fell back to sleep and was woken up around 630 in the morning.  Mr. K was allowed to spend some time on the ipad (I had no intentions of waking Mr. J up - we let him sleep until he woke himself, around 745am).  We all made our way down to the family room to see what Santa had left (and in all the excitement, I forgot to take pictures).

Once the gifts were opened, we had a delicious breakfast (fresh baked croissants, fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon and orange juice).  The kids ate a little, but were anxious to play with their new toys.  Mr. J and hubby got to work on one of the new lego sets, and M. K played with his new Bruder trucks.

I got ready and went to see my bro and mom, and then we made our way out to my dads grave as we do every year.

When I got home, Mr. J was exhausted and ready for a "nap". He lay in our bed watching tv, and then fell asleep and slept until 830pm.  I stayed home with him while hubby and Mr. K went to his parents place for supper.

Boxing day we put all the gifts away, and re-arranged Mr. J's room - then he was exhausted (10am) and spent the rest of the day dozing on and off in our bed.  The 27th and 28th was pretty similar for him, and on Monday the 30th I took him to the doctor.  She suspected he had the flu (based on his symptoms) and also took a throat culture. We got a call the next morning that he had Strep.

He is definitely feeling better, but he still spends an awful lot of time sleeping.  He has been asking to go to bed before 6pm most nights, and sleeps until 7 or 8 (or 915 yesterday).

I feel sad that he had such a horrible Christmas break - but then kind of glad that he didn't have school because he would have missed over a week.

Mr. K and I have been fortunate and have not caught any of the germs that have been in the house - I can only hope that we remain healthy.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, and hopefully your houses were not infested by germs like ours was!

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