Saturday, December 27, 2014

What To Do On New Years Eve In Ottawa

This time of year I always hear/see the question: what can we do for New Years Eve?  For us, the answer is simple.  We stay home with the kids and either have munchies for dinner or we order in pizza.  We watch movies or World Junior Hockey if Canada is playing.

We like to spend the evening with the kids.  We play board games or cards, and we don't put the kids to bed. We let them try and stay awake until midnight and watch the countdown on TV (so far, they haven't actually made it until midnight without a small nap around 7pm).

If you are looking for an event to go to on NYE, you can find a list of events happening in Ottawa ranging from an outdoor party at Sparks Street, to a Mad Hatter Party at the EY Center.

If you are looking for a family friendly event to attend, Rick Chiarelli hosts an alcohol free party every year at Ben Franklin Place.

Do you have any special New Years traditions?

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  1. Great ideas! 2017 will be here soon enough :)


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