Friday, November 21, 2014

Keeping Baby Warm AND Safe In The Vehicle

Living where we do, we have to deal with severe cold temperatures.  When my oldest was born, it was July and I didn't think  much about the winter.  By the time the fall came around, I started to wonder how I could keep him warm in his carseat.  I was aware that snowsuits weren't safe (there is too much space between baby and the harness).

Mr.J in snug in his seat
I was gifted an Ottawa Senators carseat cover (similar to a shower cap) and it was perfect.  At first I thought that baby would be cold, but I tried it and was amazed at how warm and toasty he was when I took him out.

I made sure to dress him in warm clothing, but found that having a sweater or blanket made him TOO hot.

When Mr. K came along, I still had the carseat cover and used it once again.  It was a wonderful accessory to have.

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